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Bought with a Price

I am currently reading in the book of Deuteronomy, which I might add is one of the richest and most well-worth-reading and knowing book in all of Scripture.  For example, did you know that Jesus quoted from the book of Deuteronomy more than any other Old Testament book?  It is a book that reminds us - in fact, the word "remember" is frequently used to call us back to God's faithfulness, and his truth.   God gave Deuteronomy to Moses to give to the people just before they were to enter into this new "Promised" land.  They had wandered for over 40 years as a generation of elders had died off...elders who had not believed God in the wilderness and rebelled against his word and his promises.  God let them live out their days wandering in the wilderness, and as the last of that generation died, God came again to the nation and reminded them of who he was, and who they were. It's important that we remember that... WHO is GOD?  Deuteronomy 6 is a crucial

The Story of Pilgrim's Progress

I am excited about the new release of "Pilgrim's Progress" in animated form, this coming Spring.  It will be in theaters just two days, in late April.  Presumably it will also be for sale on DVD after that. Many people know that a book was written called "Pilgrim's Progress", and many even know that the author was John Bunyan.  What surprises me is the vast number of people in our modern church who have never read the story.  It is the second most widely published book in English literature - only behind the Bible in circulation.  It was published in 1678, and it has never been out of circulation.  Written as an allegory, it is full of symbolic people and portrays a story of what walking through life as a Christian has to learn how to deal with in order to walk by faith in Christ. I've written a synopsis (below) that might be helpful as you read the story.  The movie will certainly stir the minds of most Christians.  The synopsis might help in keepi