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The Presence of the Kingdom

The Christian lives in the strange place of neither/nor. There is a positive to state, so don't take the neither/nor as the ultimate reality; but for a Christian to truly live in the Kingdom of God, there is of necessity, a recognition that the world that surrounds -- wherever that world might be -- is material, and always ruled by that which is destructive. The world is filled with a self-destructive bent and no matter the political, national, or ideological championing the world is not evolving into something better. There is neither a better world ahead -- regardless of the voices that champion their goals -- nor is there a reason for the Christian to escape. We live in the strange place of this neither/nor. The Christian lives in the presence of the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God brings life in the place of death; light in the place of darkness, salt in the place of staleness and spoiling, prayer in the midst of despair, life in the place of death. We don't love the wo