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Grandson bragging

Well, it's "All Saints Eve" and I get this chance to do some Grandson bragging. My Grandson, Jack, is now four months and a week old. He is a real joy to my heart. Earlier this month Sarah had an emergency appendectomy and after her hospital stay she and Chris came out to live with us so that Sarah could recuperate. Well, that meant that for several days Jack lived with us and I had the time of my life. Sure, there's crying and diapers and spitting up... (remember the saying in Proverbs about 'where there is no oxen there's a clean stall'?). But, a Grandson's smile at his Grandpa is enough to melt the heart! So, without further adieu, my Grandson, Jackson...age four months.

Celbrating All Saints Day

Tomorrow is October 31st, which means that all sorts of young people will be dressed in costumes, and will soon be "trick or treating" Wednesday night in most cities in the U.S. and some other countries. I hope it does not surprise you to know that "Halloween" (by that name) started out as a Christian celebration? “Hallow”, in Old English, means "holy" or "sacred” (“Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name” begins the Lord’s Prayer). Therefore, "Hallows' Eve," or "Halloween" simply means "the evening of holy persons" and refers to the evening before All Saints Day, which is always on November 1 in both Anglican and Catholic calendars. Halloween is a mixture of Celtic religious ideas and Christian martyrology. In the early years when the Roman Empire persecuted Christians, so many martyrs died for their faith, that the Church set aside special days to honor them. For example, in 607 Emperor Phocas p