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The Rare Jewel of Contentment

In the course of this last year I received a book entitled:  "The Glory of Grace:  An Introduction to the Puritans" .  Now before you quit reading this, let me say that the depth of faith, spirit, and love for God and the Gospel of Christ is unmatched anywhere else in most of the Church's history in the Puritans.  They are often given a bad interpretation as sullen, angry, and dour...not believing that Christians should be happy or have pleasure.  That bad interpretation is just that - bad.  It is not true of them; and anyone who reads their writings can witness of that. In a recent reading I came across Jeremiah Burroughs, an English pastor who wrote and served in the early to mid 17th century.  He was a Nonconformist, as most Puritans were...which meant that he would not submit his ministry, nor the preaching of the word to either governmental or hierarchal church authorities.  Many of the Puritans (remember John Bunyan) were put in jails for years sometimes for their