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Catechism anyone?

It's almost been a whole month since I last put some "musings" down on this blog.  Sorry for the delay.  My excuse has been a trip to England to be with the new Grandchildren, and the hectic end of a semester of teaching. I am now in a countdown for the Reformation Lecture Tour that is now three weeks away. I've been doing some reading over the last month in preparation for the trip.  I have a background of forty years of study in Church History, and I have enjoyed reading about John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli...both of whom I know less of than Martin Luther.  The lecture tour is concentrating on these three who had such a profound effect on the Reformation. One of the things that the Reformation produced is a new way of understanding our relationship to God.  Gone was the assumption that Salvation was our efforts to both work for righteousness and produce works that would convince God to free us, or even loved ones,  from Purgatory. All of the Reformers made it