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You should know Greg Boyd

OK...confession to make. I've been a pastor, sermonizer, teacher, training, mentor, etc... for 35 years now. I love what I do and generally enjoy the process of passing along the thimble full of knowledge I have to those who are willing to listen. I believe our Souls are the interior Spiritual dimension of our Physical self. Thus our mind, heart, will, and the subsequent outcomes of a good soul in God...our thoughts, motives, attitudes, and inward disposition are in a good peace, not stressed, and the outcomes of actions and behavior in our living is "true north" towards God's Kingdom. To do that we need to "THINK". About everything: Faith, Life, Politics, War, Marriage, Neighbors, Jobs/Career, Money, Sex, the Poor, Other Cultures and Religions...everything! Thinking is not optional, it is absolutely necessary as Christians that we do this work of God. Even worship is a process of thinking... "Love the Lord your God with all of your

Grandson Bragging

Here we go again...This is Jack at age 10 months...I can't tell you how much joy he brings to my life.

Amazing Grace

I am an admitted "American Idols" fan. I love to see the new talent, and enjoy the whole drama that takes place to find the next unknown singer. I've enjoyed David Archuleta, and David Cook and hope they face off for the final. But, what I enjoyed the most in this recent episode was the mentoring of the guest singer/celebrity Neil Diamond. When the celebrities sing on the elimination night I usually fast forward (always TIVO the show) through their performances. But, this night I listened as he performed his new song "Pretty Amazing Grace". As a Christian I was blown away by the was "sweet" gospel!