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New Beginnings

It seems I'm in a time period of new beginnings. What I mean by that is that there are several areas where I'm either involved in, or initiating something new. First, I'm doing a bunch of weddings in both June and July -- hence new beginnings for couples to begin their married life. I love doing weddings. I love seeing beautiful brides and dashing grooms smile, celebrate family, and solemnly lead them to realize the vows they are saying to one another. Secondly, Linda and I are involved with Retrouvaille -- a ministry for marriages in crisis. These are couples who are separated, divorcing, or actively struggling with the whole idea of staying married. Retrouvaille was a powerful place of correction in our marriage, and giving back by being involved and helping others seems so right to do. This last weekend 26 couples came to a Retrouvaille weekend...nervous, wondering if it was going to help...and when I came on Sunday afternoon to help wrap things up, I noticed two c