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Musing about Ryan Braun

Yesterday, Major League Baseball handed down a 65 game suspension to Ryan Braun, effectively ending this year of Baseball for him, and for the Brewers and their fans.  I don't know Ryan Braun in any personal way.  I am a casual baseball fan, not an avid fanatic.  I watch Brewer's baseball 5-10 times a year, and it's been 2 years since I've gone to a game.  Part of the reason for not going to games is the cost, and part of it is that I'm not the kind of person who loves to be anywhere where there are 40,000 people. That being said, my friends and family know that I am two things (among a few others): 1.  I am a Sports fan in general, with my great love cast to football.  But I love, hockey, soccer (sorry my English friends), and yes Baseball.  I pay attention to standings, watch for major stories... I watch Mike and Mike almost everyday for the latest news.  SO, put me down as a lover of all things sports. 2.  I am a Christian.  A follower of

Day 12 - Going Home

We're headed off to the airport in a little while. If all goes well we'll be back home by tonight - late - but I'd rather be home. I mentioned all of the various elements, people and places that were involved in the Reformation tour. One thing I didn't mention was the people we went with. Of the many things you can get out of a tour like this, one of the more lasting ones is new friends. This tour had some amazing people on it who came because they loved the Reformers, and want to see the church reclaim its legacy of being a Reformed Church. Linda and I had some great conversations over meals, in the bus, while touring, listening, looking at the sites and places. A real deep appreciation was there, by all, for Doug and Cheryl Bond. Doug is a high school teacher who has been taking people on tours since 1996, and unless one either goes on a tour and watches his work, or has been on his side as an organizer and leader (I have been), you cannot understand the amount

Day 11, The Journey continues at Home

The journey to visit the land of the Reformation comes to a close today. It's a happy/sad day. We came to Geneva yesterday morning. The ride along the Swiss valleys was beautiful. We worshipped with a English speaking Scots Presbyterian Church in the chapel next door to the great Cathedral. I genuinely missed worshipping back home yesterday. It's great to worship with people, but when you know them personally it makes such a difference. This Scottish church of believers welcomed us in and gave us a fellowship meal after - a nice hospitality of believers to believers. Not unlike the stream of strangers that came to Geneva in the era of John Calvin's leadership in the mid 16th century. Geneva is a beautiful city. Our last place on this journey is significant because it was in Geneva that John Calvin came to lead the full character of the Reformation - the Spiritual Worship and Spiritual living of the people of God. When the Reformation began to spread in Europe, there