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The Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit - Go to See It While You Can

I went with my friend Joel to Milwaukee's Public Museum to see the Dead Sea Scroll's exhibit. It is very much worth the while to see. Filled with lots of interesting material, it takes one through ancient Israel's history by using material unearthed archeologically through the years, and leads towards the 1947 discovery in Qumran of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The most fascinating artifact is actually a more than real replica reproduction of the 24foot long scroll of the book of Isaiah - the most complete book discovered thus far in the Qumran discoveries. We also went to the Planetarium to see the IMAX Dead sea scroll portrayal...and I would say spend the extra time in the exhibit and forget the planetarium show. We spent 3 hours in the exhibit, and I wished we had another hour free - we could have used it. Great show, go see it while you can!