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The Essential Holy Spirit

 We often try to do the work of God in the energy of our own strength, mind, heart, even soul.  Yet, that is sure to leave us tired and frustrated.  It is not our own flesh that gives us the grace to do what God wants us to do.  I've learned over time that all the learning, practicing, and doing fall short when the Spirit of God is not driving me onward.  Think about this in this essay on: The Role of the Holy Spirit Do not grieve the Holy Spirit.   Ephesians 4:30 All that the believer has must come from Christ, but it comes solely through the channel of the Spirit of grace. Just as all blessings flow to you through the Holy Spirit, so also no good thing can come out of you in holy thought, devout worship, or gracious act apart from the sanctifying operation of the same Spirit. Even if the good seed is sown in you, it still lies dormant until He works in you to will and to do of His own good pleasure. Do you desire to speak for Jesus--how can you unless the Holy Spirit touc