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Happy BIrhtday Baby Jack

Hi all, Well, the long anticipated day arrived on June 22, 2007, when Sarah and Chris gave birth to Jackson Christopher Michael Elliott Pollasch, who was born at 12:15 a.m., @ 9lbs, 3oz. and 19 in. long. I'd say a potential linebacker! I am a Grandpa for the first time, and extremely glad to be. The wonder of God is the birth of a child, but the wonder that is also full of Thanksgiving is the birth of your own Grandchild..., and the Pollasch name lives on!

Anniversary's, Birthday's and Waiting

It's been a month of celebrating: Our 36th anniversary was June 12...a remarkable accomplishment from my standpoint...Not because I didn't think I'd love Linda forever; but simply because 36 years of anything seems a long time. NOW...I'd love to be writing something similar 30 years from now. Greg's Birthday is tomorrow, and on Sunday last (17th), we celebrated His birthday and Father's Day at the same time. NOW...what everyone is waiting for is Sarah and Chris' baby to come. She/He (my own opinion is that "SHE" is coming) was due last Friday, and wouldn't you know, SHE, in typical girl fashion is late! OK, so not really, it's only a few days. BUT, this morning at 6:30, when the phone rang, Linda was up and off the couch faster than I've seen in years! She laughed as she told Kelly - who called - that early in the morning phone calls shouldn't be toyed with. SO...we're celebrating, and waiting, so that we can celebrate som